Finally Initialising this Site

1 minute read

So, far, far overdue at this point I have a real website. The combination of deadlines, exams, and arbritary time delimitors has left me with a few days to tinker and put this together; a mere 5 months after the initial git repo was made. Oops. So, I finally decided I was being silly trying to build this from scratch, it’s a weird thing as a CompSci student you’re almost expected to build your own site, but I’m not into webdev so I’ve decided to pick a theme I liked, the aptly named minimal-mistakes and here we are. Working Jekyll is also just going to be a faster process for me to get content up which is the main thing I want from a site to be honest, so as I get more into this expect a load of:

  • Recipes
  • Bibliography Entries (hopefully)
  • Tech blogging about my PC builds
  • Tech blogging about me breaking my Discord bots
  • Creative Writing (maybe)

And look, I can list things! It’s going to be interesting going forward, but I’m glad to finally have this set up and well, if all goes well, this should be live by the end of the day, just got to fit this around tutoring and mounting the new monitors, exciting times. Not to much to sign this off with, to a degreee this exists to ensure that none of the archives on the site are empty and I don’t think I’ve really that much to add to the whole GitHub Pages, Jekyll, Theme stack. Oh and a huge shout out to Zain for the logo you see, well, most places that you see me.