So… this is my personal site, it’s going to start off fairly bare bones and improve I’m sure. Writing about myself has never been something I’m super comfortable with so this will be a brief “about me” for now.

I’m a 4th year reading CompSci with AI at UoN, proto home chef who loves cooking Italian inspired dishes (is that loose enough to not get flack for not cooking traditional recipes?), and I also write, I think that covers most of it. My personal projects include building PCs and Discord bots so expect to see a fair bit about that, either from me building for clients or my personal projects; Pantheon, my (semi-)personal rig, or Pythia, the bot that lurks on my personal server being “helpful”. In academia you’ll currently find me researching colour spaces in machine learning, and we’ll see how that develops as I most likely move onto a doctorate. And my personal writing is mostly in a perpetual world building phase, with internal wikis being the main work right now, but expect some excerpts to start turning up as time goes on.

Expect me to flesh this out as I work out a bit more what my site is for and what it’s sharing. For now if you really are curious drop me a a message on any of the social linked all over the place.